Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Libertarian Party-Founded December 11, 1971

Are you a Libertarian? - Take the quiz! Tomorrow marks 34 years since the formation of the Libertarian Party. Below is a link to a 'quiz' that will help determine where you fall on the political spectrum. My results are below.
"The Libertarian Party was formed in the home of David Nolan on 11 December 1971, after several months of debate among members of the Committee to Form a Libertarian Party, founded July 17th. This group included John Hospers, Edward Crane, Manual Klausner, Murray Rothbard, R.A. Childs, Theodora Nathan, and Jim Dean. Prompted in part by price controls implemented by President Richard Nixon, the Libertarian Party viewed the dominant Republican and Democratic parties as having diverged from what they viewed as the libertarian principles of the American founding fathers. By the 1972 presidential election, the party had grown to over 80 members and had attained ballot access in two states. Their presidential ticket, John Hospers and Theodora Nathan, earned fewer than 3,000 votes, but received the first and only electoral college vote for a Libertarian ticket, from Roger MacBride of Virginia, who was pledged to Richard Nixon. His was the first vote ever cast for a woman in the United States Electoral College. MacBride became the party's presidential nominee in the 1976 presidential election".
World's Smallest Political Quiz The ORIGINAL Internet Political Quiz My PERSONAL issues Score is 100%. My ECONOMIC issues Score is 50%. Which categorizes me as a "LIBERAL LIBERTARIAN" (Note to Republicans who are now making their vain attempts to call themselves "Libertarians" because your boy, George Bush, has made you look like dumbasses. The Libertarian Party is adamantly pro-choice, pro legalization of drugs, pro-environment, against the Patriot Act, for homosexual rights, and opposed to the war in Iraq, so your narrow-minded asses need to find yet another hole to crawl into.) Libertarians Rally for Peace in New York during the No War for Oil Peace Protest Happy Birthday Libertarians!
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